We all know the frustrations associated with flat-packs and kit-sets. You go to the store and they’ve already assembled it and it looks great! You decide you want it and the frustration starts…

…it’s not assembled, you don’t have the time to put it together, where do all the pieces go, is something missing, how can I modify it to suit my needs, how can I safely attached it to the walls…?

Well, fear not! Introducing ‘My Flatpack Hero’ – an all round good guy, a practical handyman and a registered builder. Here to save you time and energy, save the day and maybe a relationship when your frustration boils over.

Is this photo all too familiar? If you answered YES then contact us today!

We can measure and recommend an item to fit into a specific space.
We offer pick-up and delivery of your item and assembled on site.
We can turn up and assemble an item already on site.
We offer professional advice on securing your item to the wall or ground.
We work closely with other sub-contractors if any minor plumbing or electrical requirements are needed.
We offer an urgent assembly service – great for that special gift that you want assembled before your loved one arrives home!

• Beds, cots, bunks
• Furniture
• Shelves
• Storage units
• Furniture
• Desks
• Kitchens
• Laundry units

• Work stations
• Desks
• Storage units
• Shelves
• Office furniture
• Partitions
• Garden furniture
• Patio furniture
• BBQs
• Trampolines
• Cubby houses
• Tree huts
• Play equipment
• Shade sails
• Privacy
• Walls & decks